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Over last three years, SOE has provided basic and detail engineering solutions and 3D Modelling Services for various Outotec processes like Alumina Refinery Calcination, Copper Concentrator Filter, Copper Fines Leaching, Pelletizing Plant, Sulphuric Acid Plant, Copper & Nickel Smelter, Effluent Treatment Plant, Phosphoric Acid Extraction, Lithium (Spodumene) Beneficiation, Silver Recovery, Lithium carbonate Expansion, etc.

SOE’s experience in the field enables it to provide optimum design and operability. Incorporating the latest additions in software and technology across various disciplines has contributed to the high-quality standardisation of engineering design.

Minerals Processing

Metals, Energy & Water

SOE offers engineering services for sustainable mineral processing solutions. SOE supports Outotec in the design and delivery of state of the art mineral processing plants.

SOE provides engineering services for metals processing, renewable energy production and industrial water treatment plants.

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